For the screening at the ICA, the sound was played through a genuine carnival sound system!

Field recording: trying to record a lost river…

In muddy Belair Park I found the River Effra. I put two lapel mics down the drain to capture the gentle trickle and resonant characteristics of the drain. It sounded great when the trains passed. The mics were very noisy but just managed to fit down the holes in the manhole cover.

Recording sound down a drain in Belair Park

The next day I recorded the source of the river itself down a drain on Norwood Recreation Ground. This time I used my Line-Audio omni mics, which were a lot less noisy! The sound of the water was surprisingly loud, I had expected a faint trickle.

Effra source field recording

Sound design: The Effra in dub

When Kadeem approached me for this project, he explained his ideas around evoking the sound of this lost river that traverses through Brixton and linking it to the sound and history of Dub music. I immediately thought that we should try to get our hands on a Roland Space Echo.  This iconic tape delay was first in production in 1974 and practically every dub record since has been fed through one of these legendary delay effects. I managed to find one that we could rent for a weekend! Needless to say, it sounded amazing and added so much to everything we put through it. One of my favourite sounds was the sound of my Hydrophone recordings being fed through it. I also really enjoyed adding other modern effects into the signal chain before sending the audio to the Space Echo. For example, pitching the sound down an octave and using Valhalla DSP’s reverbs. The Space Echo is a mono effect, so to add more dimension to the sound I’d record several takes and pan them left and right. The subtle speed changes in the tape mechanism would alter the pitch slightly between the left and right channel and create some lush spatial effects.

I wish I could afford one!

Tommie 🙂

space echo

One of our members Isaac Clarke made a graph, which visualises the people and their connections within Proof of Humanity.

The general idea of PoH is people vouch for people they trust and know to be real people, and this creates a sybil resistant network useful for decentralised decision making. Then people can build DeFi/crypto projects on top of this, UBI being the first example.

Click in the image to visit it:

For issue 2 of VACZINE, a group of young people explored their own speculative fiction through different artworks.
Some amazing collage, video work, writing and drawings.

Click here to explore!

This year we have decided to make a zine as part of our workshops.

Some amazing contributions from everyone during such difficult times. We are always amazed by the amount of work young people are expected to do, and yet they still come with energy and their imagination.

You can view issue 1 here!

We volunteered our time to help the Switchboard team with their live stream during pride.

Switchboard are a LGBT+ Helpline going since the 70s. Read more about heir work by clicking here.
Thanks Ed for the introduction, they are a great organisation and deserve support, if you can spare a few ££ in these trying times.

We volunteered our time to make a website, and help the Bushwig team stream their fundraiser during pride.

Much love to everyone at bushwig, and well done for raising so much money for G.L.I.T.S. [Gays & Lesbians Living In a Transgender Society]. They provide housing for homeless transgender women fresh out of Rikers Island prison in New York.


I …  consent? …

some great posters

Review in The Wire 432 February 2020

Assembly 2019 review in Wire Magazine

At serpentine today, where some of the projects we have worked on are being showcased on big screens. I’m not sure how everyone here knows each other and I’m nervously taking that out on a coffee by the overcrowded bar.

Navigated those dense polished bodies beneath space bubble to find some friendly faces. Well done to the everyone on the digital team, and hope they find some downtime.

we are mastering the blob

well done to Pheobe, Nandi, Amy, and everyone took part. some real passion over a few days workshop.

A great few weeks, well done everyone

on a family holiday, but still working … … …

and so it begins …

it’s working!

Revisiting some of Oliver Hull’s artwork for SHELL as we prepare to record for the retoucher

new studio!

hot off the press

such a great time installing at SMK, much love to Sidsel!

Two great 360 videos from todays workshop

rain during phoebes install. lots of rain!

Our first studio!

had the best time in NY, ive always wanted to go and thanks to bushwig for having me <3

A great experiment after a few short days learning 360 video.

congrats Ed on the opening!