As Grand As What

David Soin Tappeser, Himali Singh Soin

We mixed and mastered the sound for Himali and David's film 'As Grant As What'

3 channel video, color, sound

"as grand as what is a reimagination of the structure of the kalachakra mandala, a geomantic diagram in which the drawing, the body, the city, the earth and the universe mirror each other in a grand cosmic architecture. the main artery of the story is a search for the lost bla, a subtle life force that runs through the world. bla, a term borrowed from tibetan medicine, but one which translates into prana, or qi, ruh or mana across cultures, has lost itself amid the crisis of the present moment. This is expressed both in the weary body and the parched earth. A drummer calls upon li, a spirit manifestation of the human and non-human consciousness, to conduct a series of remedic rituals, to recall bla into our bodies and into the planet. In a series of transmissions and receptions, the palm leaf masked figure embarks on a journey of grounding, circulation and regeneration according to the chakras of the body which in turn reflect the elements of nature. We flit between the inner, outer and other wheels of time, drawing seismic lines from the Himalayan mountains to the Vesuvian volcano. We seek to reconnect to the anima of the earth, and in doing so with the resonance of sound and the force of the word love, heal ourselves."