The Retoucher

Black Shuck, ICA

We worked collaboratively with performers to develop an improvised pilot episode for a podcast series. So much fun developing an original story, and then trying to find ways to bring it to life through sound.

In this science-fiction radioplay we follow an employee of Bloom, a pharmaceutical company that has emerged into a globally dominant force, as he stumbles his way to the truth behind their age-reversing drugs. A reflection on emerging technologies, ageing and queer sexuality heard through a collage of improvised performances, live recordings and sound design.

New Creatives is co-funded by Arts Council England and BBC Arts Original Fiction by James Wreford, Tommie Introna, Celia Moodie Performers: Nandi Bhebhe, Otamere Guobadia, Linus Karp, Victoria Sin DJs: Josh GT aka Josh Anio Grigg, M T Hall aka Madeline Hall, P-Wave aka Poppy Moroney Sound Recording and Mixing by Tommie Introna Visual Artwork by Oliver Hull